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Manage Reservations Across Properties With SkyRes


Malaysia’s hotel industry is thriving. Many globally acclaimed chain and group hotels are betting big on this Southeast Asian nation to realize their growth plans. Plus, the number of tourists visiting Malaysia is growing, too. For hotels, attracting guests from around the globe and increasing occupancy means complete business. In this scenario, a smart Central Reservation System efficiently assists the management at a chain or group hotel to handle reservations related issues with ease.

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Planning to Implement a New Hotel Property Management Software?


In today’s technology driven business environment, hospitality technology plays a major role in automating daily operations at hotels. As an hotelier, you should always keep an eye on technological advancement in order to make sure that you leverage the updated technology platform at your hotel. As your hotel business grows in terms of services and offerings, outdated hotel property management software can’t help you in realizing your desired goals. Here is how you should go about when looking for a new Hotel PMS for your hotel

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Transform Your Hotel Business with Top Class Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Technology

Hotel industry around the globe has witnessed a massive technology driven transformation in recent years. It is mainly because; both hoteliers and their guests are able to reap benefits of the adoption of right hospitality technology platform. Like in other parts of the world, hoteliers operating in Malaysia too are showing great interest in today’s host of highly intelligent Hospitality Technology solutions to achieve their business objectives.

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Right Fit Hotel Software for Hospitality Properties across Indonesia

Hotel Software

Right Hotel Software

Indonesia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is home to varied landscapes, lush green rainforests, and attractive beaches. With all these natural beauties and attractions, Indonesia is getting ready to receive around 20 million visitors by 2020. Such an expected growth in tourist number has also led many hotel players to set up their properties across the country. However, only setting up a hotel is not enough to do smart business in the long run. Instead, hoteliers in Indonesia should adopt new age and right fit hotel software to increase their operational productivity and to serve guests with utmost attention. Read more


How to Select a Smart Hotel Software Vendor in Malaysia – Part2

Hotel Management Software

Smart Hotel Software

Our last blog was all about how to select a hotel management software vendor in Malaysia. We also walked you through the features of IDS Next’s integrated hotel management software. Now in this concluding part, we shall discuss about how hotels in Malaysia can leverage a host of value added solutions by adopting IDS Next’s hotel property management software. Read more


How to Select a Smart Hotel Software Vendor in Malaysia – Part1

Smart Hotel Management Software

hospitality technology solutions

Hotel business around the globe has been witnessing the positive impact of many hospitality technology solutions. And when we talk about Malaysian hotel industry, we cannot simply ignore the enormous importance of hotel management software. Because for a hotel operating in Malaysia, it becomes extremely important to concentrate on guest experience. This can be achieved only by automating day to day complex operations.
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Hotel PMS Software with 360 Degree Solutions in Philippines

Hotel PMS Software

Philippines’ hospitality industry is witnessing a good time. With tourist number projected to grow in coming years, this Southeast Asian country is also expecting its hotel industry to do well too. According to the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), currently Philippines has around 28,000 to 30,000 hotel rooms. In order to accommodate the projected 10 million tourists in 2016, the country would need 15,000 more hotel rooms. However, hotels – both old and new need to adopt smart Hotel PMS Software that would offer them a complete 360 Degree solution. Read more


Looking for a Reputed Hotel Software Provider in Thailand?

Smart Hotel Software

Hotel Property Management Software

Thailand’s contribution towards Southeast Asia’s thriving tourism is certainly quite encouraging. The country is a famed tourism destination for leisure travelers from across the globe. The heavy tourist influx has provided the much needed platform for the hotel industry to grow over last couple of years and the future looks promising, too. However, for hoteliers across Thailand, it could be a quite a task to sustain in the long run without adopting a proper hotel management software. Hence, it is advisable for them to look for a reputed hotel software provider in Thailand. Read more


Competitive, Robust Hotel Software Providers in Singapore

Hotel Management Software

Robust Hotel Software

Hotel Software Solutions

Singapore, the Southeast Asian island nation is a major global financial hub. The country is also known for its travel and tourism potential. As one of the prominent tourism destination, Singapore ranks 11 out of 141 countries in terms of Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. With business and MICE tourism on the rise, Singapore’s hotel industry is expected to do well in the near future. To beat the competition; hoteliers are increasing looking for trusted hotel software providers in Singapore. Read more


Things to Consider Before Investing in a Hotel PMS

Hotel Property Management System

Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) is a technology platform that has gained immense importance as hotel operation has become quite complex these days. Hotel management software automates operational processes from check-in to finance and inventory management, while assisting hotel staff to centrally track and analyze vital information real-time. Hotel PMS adoption has become a strategic necessity in order to offer quality guest service, too. Read more